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I’m a gagger and it’s a real trauma for me to have any dental work done in my mouth. I have always been afraid of the dentist before seeing Dr Peng.   Dr Peng’s patient care and gentle hands make me feel  “I am in control all the time” .  Now the fear is gone. All my dental work can be done including braces without sedation.  I am looking forward to being able to smile again.

Gary, Conquitlam


We were extremely lucky to have found Dr. Susan Peng six years ago, and since then to have her being our family dentist! She impressed me with her magic treatment skill and tremendous effort to benefit patient. At the time we came to see her for the first time, we had seen two other paediatric dental specialists for our two young children. The result was frustrating and we were worried. All problems remained from before were treated during the first two appointments with Dr. Peng. She handled everything with ease, and best of all, our children liked her very much! She did not tag herself as paediatric specialist, but she is way better than the previous two specialists we saw. She saved my several teeth, which was claimed to have to be extracted by other dentists. Such effort, after seeing so many different dentists, was indeed beyond my expectation. I would highly evaluate her working ethics and professional skills.

During my years experience with Dr. Peng, I find her always put patients benefit as the top priority. It can be felt that providing the best treatment to benefit the long term oral health is most important matter for Dr. Peng. I believe that this is the key reason that she is able to maintain a great doctor-patient relationship. When she moved out of our village, we decided to follow her to her new office and keep enjoying her dental care for our family. 

Min Zhao, Vancouver


Rarely do people thank and “love” going to the dentist! I have been having such a great experience visiting Dr. Susan Peng. She is professional, a great dentist, accommodating and “no pain”!

I just wanted to share this. I would highly recommend Alderbridge Dental.

Deb Gray
Bridge Elementary
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Richmond, B.C. V7A 2N5
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Case Study


Braces I

Braces - Before
Braces - After
Braces II

Mini Implants I

Mini Implants - 001 Mini Implants -002 Mini Implants -003 Mini Implants -004

Wore denture for 20 years. Relied on “Adhesive” for 2 years. Lower denture still could be stabilized in place during chewing.

Four Mini Implants were placed on lower jaw bone. No suture was needed. The lower denture was snapped on the Mini Implants right away. The loose denture was secured and was able to chew immediately.

Composite Facing
Composite Facing
Composite Facing

Porcelain Crown